• Jeff Hunter - Actor
  • I booked a job two days after I received my headshots!!
  • Lily was such a doll to work with. Her bright, energetic personality makes you feel immediately at ease. She takes great care in choosing backgrounds that highlight your features and she finds textures to turn a normally generic photo into an eye-catching, artful piece. She is very encouraging but also very upfront if a look is clearly not working. She wants the best shot as much as you do. In the past, I've had a really tough time finding even a couple of usable shots from other photographers' sessions; but after being photographed by Lily, it literally took forever to narrow down which ones to use, there were so many good ones! Overall an extremely pleasant experience. Such a pro!
  • Mark Poisella - Director
  • I have worked with Lily dozens of times and have witnessed firsthand her ability to wear numerous hats most expertly: photographer; actress; businesswoman; collaborator. To each endeavor she brings the same high level of professionalism, focus and zeal. As a photographer, I have seen her calm the most nervous of clients and handle the most complicated of shoots; and yet each and every time, her final product - her stunning photos! - are absolutely unique, full of life, crisp, perfect and true. She not only has the staggering ability to "deliver the goods" at every shoot but she is an absolute joy to work with, too.
  • Cathy Gordon - First Grade Teacher
  • Lily truly has a natural talent for fully capturing that magical moment... her photos are raw and beautiful. Our children took to Lily right away. She made it fun and easy for the kids to just be themselves and she captured their pure, individual personalities throughout the session. She is also a real delight to be around!
  • June Damadeo - Actress
  • What a perfect headshot experience!!! I wanted something outside with natural lighting and Lily could not have been more accomodating. Winter in New York did not deter her from traipsing through 2 and 1/2 feet of snow, camera in hand, to find the perfect lighting and background. The shoot was an amazing experience, with Lily picking up on every nuance of my mood, thoughts and facial expressions, while guiding me to where she needed me to be - in thought and body. There were so many phenomenal shots to choose from when it was all over that I could not believe that I had put off getting new headshots for so long. I could not have asked for a more perfect experience or for a more professional, intuitive, and creative photographer.
  • Merry Henry - Mother of the Bride
  • Lily is fabulous!! She took so many beautiful photos it was hard to choose! I could not be happier!